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JabalAmeli's Price Action Toolkit
The Unique Interactive Price Action Trading Toolkit In The World

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Training support and working with coach.

Learning is just a part of the process of finding and succeeding, we are helping you through "Training Support" throughout your training, helping you improve your strengths and pave the way for success during the training. "Working with the coach" is also one of the training completion requirements and we are tailor-made beside of you whenever you need to us.


Certainly, in order to succeed in trading, it is necessary to have a standard and complete training in order to identify and trade through the best possible high-potential trading opportunities by relying on an efficient way. Our training is based on "Price Action" trading method which is based on identifying the standard principles of the behavior of other traders in the market

Price Action Toolkit

Through this Toolkit, you can see the best and most complete live and instant price action analysis on your chart without visiting any website, forum or social network. Accurate and valid analyzes that are useful for improving your analyzes and personal decisions and training support.

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1. Professional training of Price Action Trading in accordance with International up to date Standards
2. Working with the coach, privately and without any limitation and through coaching desk
3. Receiving powerful and practical analyzes through the "Price Action Toolkit" (International Symbols of FOREX, Stock Markets & Futures)
4. Weekly educational articles with the approach to developing success in trading

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